More than 135 years of Strobel Quarzsand.

A long tradition.

From 1876 to the present day to the present, four generations of the Strobel family have led the silica sand plant with foresight, determination and great success.

The founder Johann Jeremias Strobel (1840-1909) laid the foundation for the start of the production of industrial sands in Freihung by agreeing a mining contract with the Royal Bavarian Forestry Administration on September 9, 1876.

On the turn of the 20th century, his son Johann Woldemar Strobel (1874-1952) put in place the conditions required for the industrial production process.

Johann Strobel (1916 – 2002) took over the company in 1952. Under his stewardship production increased considerably. In addition, he introduced fire-drying of the processed silica sands and developed today's extraction sites in Gebenbach and Großschönbrunn area.

Since 1994, Liselotte and Günter Forster are the fourth generation to run Strobel Quarzsand GmbH. With great dedication and together with 70 skilled and highly motivated employees we serve the needs of our partners.



From the beginning of the industrial age